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Mutiny in Jonestown

Mutiny in Jonestown has been releasing progressive rock albums since 1987 and is the primary solo project of Dennis Montgomery. 

Influenced by classic 70's progressive rock bands like King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator & Genesis - along with late 60's psychedelia from The Beatles, Procol Harum & Pink Floyd (not to mention 70's Black Sabbath) this "one man band" has always sought to take these influences and synthesize them into something new.

Beginning his musical education at the age of 4, Dennis started out playing organ and working out the latest Beatle songs by ear.  By the age of 15 he added guitar, drums, and bass to the list of instruments he played.  After a five year apprenticeship playing bass guitar in local progressive rock bands (most notably Elfhouse), he decided to step out on his own with projects where he would write the lyrics and music; performing and recording all the parts himself, then engineering and producing the finished albums.

After another few years honing this craft in various solo projects like "General Cosmo" and "Plateau Madd" it was time to form the band that would be the primary focus of his musical efforts over the next 30 years and counting...Mutiny in Jonestown.

Click the "Discography" link for a look at all the albums the band has released (including links to albums available for listening on Bandcamp and individual songs on Youtube) and explore the recorded history of this unique musical entity.

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